Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was told there'd be cake...and wine

So a few girls at my apartment complex and I just started a book club. When did this happen? About an hour ago, lol. I invited them to dinner and we started chatting about how much we all love to read. We came up with the name "I was told there'd be cake...and wine" and it happened. Any great ideas on books to read? We have a makeshift list so far starting with one of the books I listed on my shelf yesterday, "A long way gone". Every month we'll be reading a new book and then meeting up at the end of the month to have a themed book talk. I know, I'm a total dork, but at least there are like-minded dorks in Austin, TX going to UT. For Peony in Love we are going out for sushi and sake. For Fight Club we will be playing poker and smoking bubble gum cigars. For Kabul Beauty School it's a hooka and tea lounge and then a girls night of facials and pedis.

It's been 6 months of me being in Austin with minimal friends (you know, the casual aquaintance kind) and then the day I go emo on my friends from back home, I actually meet a group of girls I really get along with. And I start blogging to stay in better touch with my Goddard High besties. What a good day. Tomorrow however, is the first day of school. We'll see how I'm feeling at about 4pm after the hectic day it is sure to be.

Have your cake and eat it too...with wine.

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  1. I am so jealous! I want to be in a book club!

    My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon
    Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
    Seven Types of Ambiguity by Elliot Perlman
    Any Sarah Dessen book - I know they're for teens, but I still love them
    The Time Traveler's Wife (haven't read this yet)
    Me & Emma - recommendation from my mom
    Lullaby by Chuck Palahunik
    Anthem by Ayn Rand (short read)
    The City of Ember - I haven't read this one yet either

    I have so many more recommendations, but, unfortunately, all of my books are at my mom's house. When I think of more, I'll let you know.