Monday, November 21, 2005

Walk the Line

I got these shoes at a vintage shop. I just watched the movie, "walk the line" with my mom. I think this shadow illustrates that phrase...

Friday, November 4, 2005

Just some thoughts...

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to be happy? It seems like no matter what you do, you are always hurting someone. Being happy should be the easiest task. Somehow, everyone is out to get eachother. Someone's best friend can turn out to be their worst enemy. I've tried the, "Don't tell anyone your secrets and don't tell anyone else's" but it seems that is all conversations consist of these days, "Gossip". I hear even the smartest people trading stories on others. Talking about how much one group of people gossips, while doing it themselves. I do it myself. I can't figure out if it is just because I'm forced to participate or if it's the form of peer pressure that i so often claim to resist. Or is it taht we all have this burning desire to talk about others?
It's like fashion, I always try not to be trendy, I never like the fashion on the racks, then eventually I am forced to buy into it. It begins to "grow on me". Perhaps it is because fashion, like so many other things is forced on us. If the only item every store sells is a puke green sweater, no matter how much we all hate it, every one of us will eventually own one. It becomes cool simply because we are forced to view it as such.
Back to gossip, I feel terrible when I think about the saying I always quote, "Stupid people talk about people, average people talk about things, smart people talk about ideas." or "It's better to be silent and be thought wise, than to speak and be thought a fool." People also like to talk about themselves. i would think the goal in life would be to learn all you can about everyone and everything around you by listening. Rather than to tell everyone and everything about yourself therefore gaining no knowledge.
When guys start high school, they start thinking about girls (okay, before highschool). They do everything they can to get "that girl". If only they would spend less time thinking about girls and more time learning and doing things that they enjoy. Things that they would benefit from and things that girls would love about them. These boys would be more appealing to "that girl". Who wants to date someone whose life experience consists of what he's seen on T.V.? No one wants to date a guy whose interests are: T.V., girls, video games, girls, and uh more T.V. Wouldn't a girl rather date the guy that never had time for a girlfriend because he was too busy having a life? Same goes for girls, why not spend that spare time learning about yourself and making yourself a more interesting person. Ask yourself if you would want to spend time with you. If you wouldn't, there must be something you are missing. If you aren't interesting enough for you to be alone with yourself, why would you be interesting to anyone else?
If you don't agree with me, that's fine, because I'm not telling you how to live your life, I'm just telling you how I plan on living mine.