Monday, July 22, 2013

Favorites Lately

My MFA friend who writes at On Bruised Knees inspired me to make a favorites/thankful for list. I borrowed a few from her since we had similar experiences in the past month!

30 day yoga membership, enlightening counseling session, loving dogs, nearly potty-trained cat, breakfast smoothies, poolside business planning with friends, hour-long conversation each with MIL and Mom, pinterest and instragram breaks, local bookstore and coffee shop anniversary parties with live music, cake, and champagne  Murray State University MFA program, sunny walks around campus, friendly roommate, The Burrito Shack, Thai food with a new soul-friend, life/idea discussions, meeting published writers and hearing them read, workshops, new MFA friends of all ages, crazy/beautiful mentor, plenty of new books, making a plan, new soul-friend/house guest from Airbnb, white elephant sale at the UK Art Museum, gently used clothing stores, getting ready for school to start, planning, cooking, reading, and dreaming with Alek, our "village" of spiritual friends, Shabbat services, Rabbi Kline