Friday, October 15, 2010

No Spend Month Challenge

I want to try this idea I found at Small Notebook.

The "No Spend Month Challenge"

Start with a goal amount. Let's say $300 for a month
Goal to spend $40 on food and about $30 on gas per week for a month.

The Challenge:

To spend $300 or less this month.

The Purpose:

To be mindful of where our money is going, to find free forms of entertainment, and maybe even expand our cooking endeavors.

The Details:

This month we have a budget of $300 to spend.

Included (taken from Small Notebook. ):

food & eating out
household necessities

Not included:
Rent, insurance, and bills
Health expenses
Work expenses
Savings and investments

The Habits:

Don't impulse buy. Make a list of the things that we are wishing for, and then save up to purchase them. Maybe in the mean time, a few things will drop off of the list.

Eat at home instead of splurging.

Be mindful of how much we are driving.

Try to use what we have in our pantry instead of buying more groceries every week.