Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fifteen Books and other daily happenings

My professors this semester are requesting, no, (let me rephrase that) demanding, that I purchase fifteen textbooks this semester. For five classes. So this semester will be full of reading, writing and teaching middle schoolers. But thankfully I love reading and writing and hopefully I will enjoy teaching middle schoolers. We will see.

In other news I met some nice people in my classes today, ran into some friends from last semester and did a lot of walking in 104 degree weather. This is normal in Texas. How 104 degrees ever became normal to me, I don't know, but alas it has happened. I took Arsen, my dog, to his obedience training class at PetSmart and he seems to be improving alot, which makes his mommy proud. Yes, I have become one of those women who refers to herself as her dog's mommy. He is such a cuddler and really does keep me laughing and smiling while my hubby is deployed.

I do have a few goals for my puppy and myself:

Monday: long walk

Tuesday+Wednesday: bike ride

Thursday: dog class

Friday: bike ride or run

Saturday: dog park

Sunday: Barton Springs

I'm hoping to keep to this schedule every week so that Arsen gets enough exercise and stays happy. He's an Australian Kelpie and they require about two miles of exercise every day along with lots of mental stimulation. Don't laugh, but my dog and I play hide and go seek. It's great because it gets him thinking and it gets me moving. I make him sit and stay while I go hide somewhere haha. I know, I'm a dork, but he's my kid and I have to make up for forcing him to live in an apartment for a year. Poor guy.

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  1. Aw! :) I'm getting that way with Piper, too. Don't feel bad at all.