Thursday, May 30, 2013

Juice Detox Day 1

11pm yesterday- After I did a small strength workout, hubby asked me if I'd like to try a 10 day detox with him. My brother's done it before with just V-8 so I was interested. We took it down to a 7 day detox because we'll be leaving for New Orleans pretty soon.

10:30 am- slept in as it was my first day off work from a year of school! Yay summer! Wasn't really hungry this morning and we hadn't gone shopping for juice supplies yet, so I just had a small cup of hot water and lemon and then a large glass of V-8 Fushion.

12:00pm- stopped by to see the bees, picked up chicken feed and dog food, went grocery shopping. Started to get a little hungry for something substantial. Hubby wants TexMex bad.

1:30pm- After washing the juicer and veggies, I juiced and made two Mean Green Juices. I blended mine with some ice and honey, and hubby shook his with ice (Just like our margarita preferences- frozen for me, on the rocks for him):

Mean Green
·       1 Granny Smith Apple
·       1 Cucumber
·       4 Stalks of Celery
·       4-6 Kale Leaves/spinach
·       1/4 Lemon Peeled
·       1″ Ginger

3pm- I'm just now finishing mine. The kale makes for an awful aftertaste, but overall it was fresh and filling. My stomach is full, but my mind wants something for me to munch on and chew. I'm considering grabbing some nuts since I DON'T need to lose weight and want to keep the muscle tone I have.

4:40pm- The hubby got hungry so we made "dinner."

Sunset Passion
·      1 Beet Sliced
·       1 Cucumber
·       1 Carrot
·       1 Granny Smith Apple
·       4 Kale Leaves
·       1/4 Lemon Peeled
·       1/4 Lime Peeled

7:40pm- I still haven't finished "dinner," but the hubby is "starving" and still wants to go out for TexMex. He even tempted me by saying we could get Thai food, which was really hard to resist, but I figure I only have an hour left before we can go to bed. We can make it! This is showing me how addicted we are to just the idea of eating something solid.  I'm starting to get a headache, which I haven't had all day. I've also had to go to the bathroom (#1) much more than usual. We'll see how I feel after I actually finish "dinner."

8:30pm- FINALLY made it through "dinner." I feel full. Headache is still there in the background. I think I''ll try drinking a glass of water here in the next 15 min.

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