Monday, December 12, 2005

A Prayer

So I feel pretty good today... I tried to sleep but I couldn' I'm going to write and try again.
I just prayed about something that was kinda frivolous and I just realized that while I was going through the cancer treatment, I never once prayed for cure. I prayed for all of those who were praying for me and for all of my friends and family to get through it, but I don't remember praying to get over it. Isn't that funny? That I can pray about something so little, but not about something that big? I guess it kinda makes sense. I knew that God was doing what He was for a reason and that He wouldn't have given me cancer if He didn't have something in mind for me later on. But the little things, sometimes I don't know if he realizes how much they mean to me, or how much I believe they mean. You know what? He usually answers them too. Whether it be what I wanted or not, He teaches me something through everything that I ask of him and everything that likewise results.
Our God sure is an awesome God isn't he?
-Just Live-
P.s. i know I've already used this picture, but it seemed to apply here.

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