Monday, August 19, 2013

Goal Setting Link Up with I {Heart} Recess!

I {Heart} Recess

I'm linking up with I {Heart} Recess for the Goals: Back To School Edition Linky!

Personal: Working out every day after school is something I need to do in order to maintain energy in the evenings. I've found that if I just go straight home, I'm too tired to do anything, but if I work out after school (yoga, gym, etc.), I am full of energy when i get home.

Organization I ordered a date stamp this year, and so far I have been using it daily. It is helping me to keep track of who turned what in on which day. I teach a total of 10 classes (7 different plans), so my world is crazy when it comes to students turning in papers. In order to combat this issue, I am planning to use Edmodo for the majority of writing assignments, and then I have a stack of trays labeled by class for the loose day-to-day papers. Once students turn in physical papers, I will stamp them, add a paperclip, and then return them to the basket until I get a chance to grade and add them to the gradebook. Once I do, I will add a checkmark and then transfer them either to the corresponding outgoing basket to wait to be returned to the student or to the student's working writing folder. At the end of each quarter, our students sort through these folders and decide what they want to keep in there. At the end of the school year, they choose one narrative, one informational, and one argumentative piece, as well as a writing to learn and writing to demonstrate learning example (these pieces can come from any class). These pieces are then recorded on a cover sheet and then sent to the next year's teacher.

Planning:  My goal is to have my lessons planned for all classes at least two weeks ahead of time, complete with handouts, electronic files, etc. That way I can spend my planning period handling other needed responsibilities.

Professional:  I recently started a low-residency creative writing MFA program, so I have a lot to juggle right now. I want to stay on top of my reading and packet deadlines for my fall and spring tutorials so that I can advance in the program and build my own writing skills and knowledge.

Students:  I want my students to take responsibility for their learning and for their moral character development. I work to encourage my students to be independent and consciousness  If I can enrich their lives by helping them to become more empathetic, well-rounded, and savvy, all of the time I've spent will be worth it.

Motto: Being a tool through which his/her students learn with excitement is the true responsibility of a teacher.

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