Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Linky Parties

1. Post about this linky party on your blog
2. Follow my blog.

3. Answer the following 5 questions (include documents if you have them):

- What grade do you teach? 
  • I teach 6th grade LA and Creative Writing 4-8. 
- What is the greatest advice you received during your 1st year of teaching?
  • Don't try to do it all, no one can make everyone happy all of the time.
  • Make sure to take time for yourself.
  • Start fresh every day (don't hold grudges).
- Do you have a checklist that you follow when preparing your classroom (include the checklist)?
No, since this is only my first full year of teaching, but I was given one by another LA teacher (I've added a few things):
  • Unpack closet/organize books
  • Hang up posters
  • Redo bulletin boards
  • Make new name cards for class folders (rotate from previous grade)
  • Make new name notecards
  • Review syllabus and copy/send out to parents
  • Set up class folders on computer
  • Get codes for AR access for new students
  • Design seating charts (Talk with 5th grade teachers)
  • Copy roster for manual attendance
  • Copy roster for emergency bag; include address and phone number
  • Update restroom sign out sheets
  • Update P.O.P. book sheets
  • Write and mail family welcome letter.
  • Decide on class rules and determine associated rewards and consequences
  • Select icebreaker activity.
  • Prepare to introduce students to the Web by locating an appropriate back-to-school scavenger hunt.
  • Read through student files. This provides a glimpse as to problem behaviors, learning challenges and gives an initial impression of each child.
  • Organize file cabinets
  • Hang poster of the daily schedule.
  • Check the computer and other technology devices. If they are not working as expected, turn in a request for repair now so it will be working by the time students arrive.
  •  Post your name, room number, and the grade or class you teach, both inside the classroom and outside the classroom door. 
  • Make sure to blog about lessons every day after they occur. Pros and cons.

- What are some must haves in your classroom that you cannot live without (ex. items, books, posters, management strategies)?
  • Anchor charts
  • Bathroom sign out
  • CHAMP strategy (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation)
- What is something that all teachers should have in their classroom?
  • Chocolate (and water!) 
  • a positive attitude

1.  What state you are in?


    2.  Your current teaching position

6th grade LA and 4-8 Creative Writing

    3.  Your teaching experience

Starting my second year

    4.  When you started blogging

This month

    5.  Share a blogging tip / blogging resource

Just search other teacher websites and blogs, along with pinterest, for great ideas.


  1. Thank you for linking up! I like you chocolate idea! ;)

  2. Thanks for this checklist. I had no clue how to tackle what to do during my new teachers week!