Friday, October 28, 2005

The River

So lately I haven't felt like writing about what I really thought. I think life is amazing, but right now I'm having to go through another hard time. (At least this time not everything is happening at once) I don't understand why friends can't just be there for you. I'm as guilty as anyone. Why does highschool force us to be eachother's worst enemies as opposed to greatest guides. Or perhaps the problem is that we are both: enemies and guides. Maybe that's what gets so many people in trouble. They follow. I feel like:
I am on one side of a river with rapids. All of my friends are on the other side. They are trying but failing to cross the river. I keep telling them that they should use the log, but they just keep jumping in and getting out on the wrong side. Some of them are trying to swim and being forced further down stream. I feel helpless as to what I should do. I've tried talking to them, I've tried helping them myself, only to get dragged back in the river. Then I sit, cold and wet on the other side. You see, the sun won't shine until all of my friends are on the same side as me.
Why can't people learn to "Just Live" and not worry what other's think?


  1. Hey, I know it might not always seem like it, but I'm there right with you, and I'll never leave. You know that.

  2. if only more people realized that